Poem of DSE preperation
Published Apr 5, 2023

I wrote this during a class for my DSE Chinese writing paper. We were not supposed to write poems, and told to just

I was stressed out and I wrote this poem to vent out my feelings.

Original text in Traditional Chinese:





English translation in English by ChatGPT:

The drowsiness of late autumn drifts in through the window cracks, As if to extinguish the fighting spirit of the proud and strong. My mind goes numb, my eyes staring blankly at the layers of shadows on the blank paper.

My mother looks at the clock absentmindedly, feeling powerless, Fiddling with the pencils on the desk that don’t belong to her, Urging me to sleep early and reminding me to be careful of catching a cold. Before entering the bedroom, she can’t bear it and turns around, Adjusting my collar for me and saying, “Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.” With a tired expression, I can only nod slightly, without even the strength to look up at her.

Under the clear autumn sky, the cool air is accompanied by the scent of the earth, Blowing through every corner.

The autumn leaves leave my mother and float freely, Attracted by a soft yellow table lamp and landing in front of a child who is studying by lamplight in the city. The child longs for freedom and envies this yellow leaf, but has no time to think about it, And must continue to hold the pen and write. The child cannot bear the solemnity of the autumn breeze while sitting alone under the lamplight, So he complains to the moon goddess in the sky.